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2021 Year End Recap from Golden Fly Shop

  SHOP UPDATES AND IMPROVEMENTS:   If you're just tuning in to Golden Fly Shop, Welcome! First off you should know that we have a real passion for all things fly fishing. From distant saltwater flats all the way to the nearest fishing holes, we are prepared to equip, outfit and guide anglers for any challenge that lies ahead. At the end of 2020 the shop moved just a few doors down to a much larger space with room to grow. As the space grew, so did our shop and guide staff rosters. Lead by longtime angler and fishy character, Justin Nine, Golden Fly Shop's primary objective is to share fishy knowledge and remain approachable from any angle, by anyone. We're basically the...

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Streamer Season EP 1 with special guests from the Short Bus Diaries

     As the days grow shorter and our annual water flows start to wind down, we can't help but fixate our attention on streamer fishing. The cast, the strip and the grab all leads to an adrenaline rush that nymph fishing simply cannot replicate. This year we've dedicated a series of videos to the craft of streamer fishing with a crew of special guests to boot. The cast, the strip and the grab...      The fly shop staff had a busy summer this year, so we decided that taking the boats out for a spin was long overdue and fortunately for us, we have an entire wall of streamers dedicated to the craft that must be tested!      In...

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