NEW VIDEO - On the water with the G. Loomis NRX+ SF & FOTW



When we heard G. Loomis Fly Fishing was launching 3 new rods at once we knew we would be in for a treat. To top it off, when our local rep for G. Loomis, Brent Hermanussen, gave us an early peek at the goods with a chance to test them on the water we couldn't resist. Naturally our streamer junkie staff had to get reps on the SwimFly before putting the IMX-PRO Creek and Euro sticks to the test.

The G. Loomis Swim Fly is a product deigned out of necessity. Conceptualized and brought to fruition through collaboration with Mike Schultz of Michigan's Schultz outfitters, the Swimfly has a unique taper that allows for increased control while manipulating LARGE flies with the rod tip. 
"With enticing baitfish motion, multi-point articulated “swim flies” rapidly became an essential pattern in any serious bass angler’s box. Unfortunately, this massive innovation in streamer design outpaced the hardware used to deliver the goods. Early adopters – like G. Loomis Elite Ambassador/Product Advisor, Mike Schultz - quickly realized repurposed saltwater sticks were not the solution for tucking accurate casts under obstacles or properly animating flies on retrieve. The need was clear: develop a quick-loading action for accurately punching flies into tricky cover that also transmits every twitch, bump, and slide directly to the fly for precise swimming action on the strip. Rolled with our most advanced compound taper construction to date, NRX+ SF provides power, finesse, and sensitivity over the broadest range of casting distances and styles. Built to Schultz’s specifications, these ultra-versatile tools are designed from the ground up to crush variables and maximize angler performance on the water."

The NEW G.Loomis NRX+ Swim fly is an excellent addition to the quiver of any serious streamer junkie.

Now in stock at Golden Fly shop, the 7wt & 8wt rods are well suited for chasing bass, predatory trout and any freshwater species that calls for the swim fly presentation technique! 


Howard Croston's Thread Quill Jig from Fulling Mill


What more could you ask for from a fly during runoff?

While one half of our weekly content was aimed at the streamer junkies out there, not everyone likes chunking the likes of a @gloomisfly "SwimFly" 8wt. As Euro-nymphing quickly becomes a daily conversation around the shop, we wanted to be sure to share one of our favorite patterns to fish on those 10-11ft rods.

Howard Croston's Thread Quill jig was designed to cut through falling water while seeking trout in unstable water flows. The recipe is simple but thoughtful and refined: 


Hook: HANAK 450 BL #12-16

Bead: Copper or Silver Slotted Tungsten 1/8''

Thread: UTC 70 - Tan, Black & Red 

Tail: CDL - Pardo or Natural

Body: Thread Taper + Solarez UV Resin

Wing Case: Black Flashabou

Thorax: Hare's Ear dub

Collar: CDC - Brown w/ Red Thread whip finish

The ideal stick to consider for this style of fishing is the new @gloomisfly IMX-PRO Euro rod in the 2wt or 3wt configuration. 

The IMX-PRO Euro rod has a sensitive tip that will assist anglers when casting flies without the added load from the fly line. 

"With a moderate flex pattern and generous power through the bottom half of the blank, IMX-PROe is designed to load easily for improved casting accuracy without sacrificing the “oomph” behind the hookset. Conduit Core Technology and our GL7 Resin System combine to reduce overall weight, resulting in a lightweight, scary sensitive blank. A custom half wells “Euro Grip,” matte-finished reel seat with counter-weighted fighting butt, precise guide spacing to eliminate line sag, and pointer finger “sensitivity zone” on the blank above the grip round out the feature set for this purpose-driven euro nymphing powerhouse."

If you're not sure where to fish or what flies to use, swing into the shop so we can help make your outing more successful!

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