Pack & Quiver Selection At Golden Fly Shop

You've got all your tackle, all your accessories and all your gear -- but can you conveniently carry it all when you're on the water? If not, these packs and quivers from Umpqua are the ideal solution. These premium packs are available in many styles, from those worn on the chest to the waist to slung over the shoulder. They're durable, waterproof and designed to carry everything an angler needs close at hand. Take a look at our huge selection!

What Packs & Accessories Do I Need?

For traditional fly fishing, a waist pack, sling pack or chest pack can help keep more of what you need at hand when you're already on the river. After all, you'll not only need fishing accessories like fly line and tippet, flies and floatant. You'll also want personal items like a water bottle, sunscreen and energy bars close at hand. If you're going float fishing or fishing from a boat, you may want to choose the Umpqua ZS2 Boat Bag instead. Finally, since you'll want that net to snag every catch, a separate net quiver or pack with a built-in quiver is essential!

Why Choose Golden Fly Shop?

Stock up for your next fly fishing excursion at Golden Fly Shop! With all the latest gear from the top brands like Patagonia, Fishpond, G. Loomis, Hatch, Yeti, Scientific Anglers and many more, we're your one-stop shop for the finest fly fishing equipment and accessories. Speak with our knowledgeable product experts to find what you need for the most successful day on the water.

Order online, or stop by our location at 710 Golden Ridge Rd. #110, Golden CO 80401. Located just off 6th Avenue near the intersection of I-70 and C-470, Golden Fly Ship is always a convenient stop on your way into the mountains. We open at 6:00 A.M. on the weekends to get you geared up!