Tippet Selection At Golden Fly Shop

The right tippet can help you execute a perfect cast and present your flies delicately -- leading to more bites and more rewarding fishing. We've got all the tippet you need Golden Fly Shop! Available in sizes ranging from 0X to 7X, we stock a variety of options from Scientific Anglers, Rio and Hardy. They're strong, durable and chosen for their low-visibility, so you won't scare away the catch of the day.

How Do I Use Tippet?

Typically, you'll attach a leader to the end of your fly line. A leader tapers off, from the width of the end of your fly line all the way to the size listed on the package. At the end of the leader, you'll need to attach some tippet for the desired performance . You can always attach a narrower gauge of tippet to the end of your line or leader -- but you should not attach anything thicker. This will affect the taper of the whole line, making it more difficult to cast successfully.

Why Choose Golden Fly Shop?

Stock up for your next fly fishing excursion at Golden Fly Shop! With all the latest gear from the top brands like Patagonia, Fishpond, G. Loomis, Hatch, Yeti, Scientific Anglers and many more, we're your one-stop shop for the finest fly fishing equipment and accessories. Speak with our knowledgeable product experts to find what you need for the most successful day on the water.

Order online, or stop by our location at 710 Golden Ridge Rd. #110, Golden CO 80401. Located just off 6th Avenue near the intersection of I-70 and C-470, Golden Fly Ship is always a convenient stop on your way into the mountains. We open at 6:00 A.M. on the weekends to get you geared up!