Shimazaki Dry Shake - Dun

Shimazaki Dry Shake - Dun

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The world's best selling powder fly floatant!  Now in Dark Color.

The Shimazaki Dry Shake is the only fly floatant that can give your fly not just water-repellency but true flotation by air among microparticles.

Put the fly in Shimazaki Dry Shake and shake it vigorously for several times. The fly becomes thoroughly water repellent to the tip of hackle fiber and sits on the surface film exactly as a natural insect does. Your fly wouldn't sink!

Dun-colored Shimazaki Dry Shake. This will not affect the original dark colors of flies. It works as well as the white one. The only problem with Dry Shake now is that we have to make room for both of them in our fishing vests!